Why Money Matters: Inner Work and World Work

A session by Joel Solomon
Co-Founding Partner, Renewal Funds

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About this session

During this session Joel will highlight some key points about the Clean Money Revolution and then focus on how we can envision the future of Holistic Centers.

"We must step up what we teach, share and learn in dealing with money." Explore why this matters, and how we can evolve our own view of money and functional success. Discuss why it is such an important part of our inner work and life philosophy. "We have a responsibility to fill the vacuum of inner work around how the world works in the economic realms."

There is a dynamic tension between "money" as it relates to spiritual, emotional and psychological dimensions of human experience. Too often it is the silent secret driving much of our lives and needs to be embraced personally, organisationally and within our programming.

Our name is on our money and on every related choice we make. There is more than enough to solve most problems on the planet and yet it is poorly distributed. We need a movement of money freed to invest in a resilient future. We are ancestors of those to follow, and need to think as if from our death bed. The future will be watching.

Holistic centers have a crucial role to play in the wellbeing and resilience of humans - making wise choices for the long term future of the planet. We live in a time of excess information and commentary. Our inner voice is real for each of us, and there are perennial wisdoms and insight practices that are essential to develop.

Money is a powerful combination of the symbolic and the pragmatic. It carries the history of its origination and every transaction since its creation. Our choices become part of its story. With modern technology, it is likely that soon people will be able to know every choice we made. Our great grandchildren will have a record of our imprint on humanity and ecology.

Holistic centers offer us a living experiment in complementing the role that elders, and long evolved spiritual beliefs offered us all. The contemporary world requires new ways to supplement holistic learning practices, including explanations of the world, and how to live a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Bringing together caring people, working collaboratively, with the world's great teachers of insight and wisdom, is an important anchor for our species. It's early in the evolution of this type of deeper and essential learning.

Lifelong learning centres supplement the education from maintstream institutions and sharing deeper wisdom practices, both esoteric and practical, is necessary to face an ever more complex world. These centers will play an ever increasing role in the space between organized religion, formal education, and rampant self interest, that represents far too dominant a mind and heart share of the human spirit.

Holistic centers fill a gap for the human experience, where lifelong learning, linked with wise deployment of money, is crucial to the wellbeing of future generations.

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Joel Solomon

Long-time mission venture capitalist and author of The Clean Money Revolution, Joel Solomon is an expert on the power of impact investing. Joel served as Chair of the Board of Hollyhock Lifelong Learning Center for 25 years and is passionate about training leaders and change makers.

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