Great Turning - Awakening to a New Reality

A session by Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne and Dr Charika Marasinghe
Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement of Sri Lanka and Vishva Niketan International Peace Centre, Sri Lanka

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About this session

Charika shares her poem below and offers thoughts and experience of life in Sri Lanka. Her father Ari shares the inspiration and practical aspects of the Sarvodaya Model in relation to the poem, as together we explore how this relates to Holistic Centers and our shared role in the Great Turning.


Selfish accumulation to selfless giving

Nuclear families to extended families

Greed-based lifestyles to needs-based living

Global economy to local economies

Urban development to rural development

Chemical-based agriculture to organic farming

Supermarkets to local vendors and village markets

High-rise dwellings to modest, land-based housing

Market-driven jobs to sustainable livelihood

Competition to mutual cooperation

Dominance and separation to peaceful co-existence

Wrapped in busy-ness to beauty of sacred silence

Big government to a ‘commonwealth of village republics’

Mundane materialism to the bliss of spiritual living

Myth of permanence to reality of impermanence

Isolation and dependency to interconnectedness and interdependence of All Life

‘I’, ‘ME’ & ‘MINE’ to ‘WE’, ‘US’ & ‘OURS’

Humanity is awakening to a new reality

A ‘Revolution of Consciousness’ is in the Making

Be a whole-hearted participant in this New Revolution!

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